SLB Norte

Been up in Mass for the Turkey day and Mr. Wizard (@seanjlangford) lives up in these here parts. Sean in the other half of the SLB tour guide and the tech man behind J’s site. Every time I’m up here I give him a ping and see if he wants to link up for a ride, food, drink or what have ya. I also need to mention that every time we try and link up… some sort of nasty weather kicks up to test if we really want to go out and ride. Yesterday was no different.

So I’m sitting in my car tweeting as I’m there a bit early for a CCB team base ride post-turkey-day and thinking to myself… “this is gonna be cold… this is gonna be really wet and cold” 😦

When guess who shows up already wet and cold…


Yep… no backing out now… 😉 we rode for about 3 hours and about 40miles covering some great scenic parts of Mass (altho Sean did keep saying that , “it’s a lot nicer without the driving rain”). I get so excited to see the guys that I know, but rarely get to train with, that I probably jabbered on for the first hour straight. There’s nothing like base and miserable New England weather to make for a good story telling morning.

This was the loop we covered and with huge thanks to his CCB brethren for plotting out a really nice route:

Ride with Sean 11-27-2009 (I’ve even left in guru’s plum island with the shutters 😉

On a side note, it’s actually been a good couple of days of training… been getting in rides and runs and such all slow and mellow. I ended up doing a 2hr ride to 5++k brick on Thanksgiving and even won the local run (which was not as mellow as I wanted it to be, because I got roped into the actual race portion of the run). oh yeah, and resting… a lot of resting… it’s been good to catch up on that as I’ve been just exhausted going into this holiday even needing a day off of work after sleeping all last weekend.

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