The dog days of training

So yeah. Ok, we got the pooch, and she’s doing great… we’re thinking she’s adopted us as much as we have her. She’s so full of energy that I’m almost required to take her out for a run everyday to tire her out for mommy. It’s been great having the company, but I’m just going to have to slow her down (she’s too damn fast and strong) for the adaptation and base phases of the season or she’ll burn me out before I get to Sandusky.

J, Guru & Coraline were up yesterday for some tricks and treats and doggie luvin’ before heading to the queen’s apartment for the @teamcontinuum shindig pre NYC mary. We ran a 10k with the pooches to get them all best-friendsy with each other and let them play in the small stream, grab a drink, and headed home. Then the humans were downing some Halloween candy and some sammies for lunch (not Guru, of course ;). John and I headed out on a ride as he was wrapping up a push into a recovery week and he’s still getting ready for 70.3 worlds. We rolled down to Rte. 100 for some TT intervals and were about 50 mins or so into it when his gears seized. uh oh!

Neither of us had a phone on us, which is odd… we both thought the other one had it on them ;). We flagged down a fellow cyclist who was all too kind and let us use his to bring in our badass support crew. Well, J jury-rigged the rear cluster so we could start moving towards home (after all, he did have a date with the queen) and we kept missing the support staff… but all worked out… a good day with some good friends that we haven’t seen in what feels like ages. It was great to see the pooches get along just fine too.

Today was another 10k with the pooch and ran it pretty similarly to yesterday. I love that she can rehydrate and take a bit of a break in the stream along the trail. It was then back to the house to watch the finishers of the NYC marathon which was exciting to be seeing those familiar faces on TV and all of our friends clock in online with their splits.

I gotta say tho… I’m glad I’m not doing it. This was a long year… J & I were chatting about it on the ride yesterday. We’re tired. My season was a good 11 months, his is 13! I’m glad I shut down… I mean really shut down. He’ll be doing the same. It’s so important.

My 140.6 next year will be a late season gig, so it will be a real easy and slow ramp up. We chatted a bit about ideas for 2010 and it’s a rough outline, but I think it’s going to be a LOT of fun. We’ve yet to solidify the details but there’s time for that. The 6 of us (couples + doggies) will probably get together for a good meal and lock down the bits after his debut down in Clearwater.

I’m excited for the CREW this 2010 season… there are some real powerhouses on that roster. (you guys know who you are 😉 and even beyond their ability… just great people.

Well, we start this week. But it’ll be a slow and just-for-fun-re-acquaintance.

Enjoy your off-season’s and take them as seriously as you do your training and fitness, it’s a long year. Rest well.

~ by philiplavoie on November 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “The dog days of training”

  1. Best. Day. Ever. And looking forward to more of those 🙂

  2. Do the Rev3 series with me!

  3. Totally going to Jamie… they rock.

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