Hello Eloise!

So here’s the new pooch on the drive home…


And here she is the first morning in the house looking for what is happening out in the world…


I then took her for her first run run to get her out in this fantastic fall weather to show her around the ‘hood and she was showing off to all the neighbors and their dogs how super awesome she is… she was holding an 8min/mi pace around on these hills for this 2mi jaunt. uhhh… ok you spazzy little girl… by the climb back up the hill to the house she was starting to drag a bit but picked it back up when she saw Kate. Afterwards she passed out cold on the floor nearly dead to the world in a nap. Yep, we’re gonna have to work on her base this season. 😉

~ by philiplavoie on October 26, 2009.

5 Responses to “Hello Eloise!”

  1. Congrats on the new doggie! I'm sure she'll make it a bit easier to get out the door for runs this winter! Now how is she on the bike?

  2. Dave, good point… swimming will have to wait 'til spring (or a trip south), but there's no reason i can't get her on the trainer 😉

  3. Nice puppy! when and where is your next tri event?

  4. Hey Giovanni! Thanks man… didn't know you were trolling this blog 😉 the next one won't be for a while, the season's closed down… signed up for a marathon in feb down in austin tx, but may go back to spain for that training block with the boys again (needs kate approval tho ;)… after that, it's just training and maybe a early spring race? dunno, haven't committed to much yet for 2010 i am signed up for another full iron in sept, this one will be in sandusky OH, thrown by an outfit called rev3.

  5. Caught the link off your linkedin profile. thought I drop you a note. I didn't realize you were taking triathlons this seriously. Good for you, nothing like a little competition to keep you fit. 🙂

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