Another morning, another jog about the island…

There’s a short loop around the North end of the key that i’ve been circling everyday since we got here. Everyday has been starting with a good routine of up, java, jog, breakfast and then beach. If the lottery is to be hit, this might just be the way to spend it. It’s been really pretty hot here so it’s nice to get it out of the way while it’s still cool-ish out. The weather here lately has been pretty unseasonable continuing the summer’s heat and humidity that is common. As I sit in the new kitchen and catch up on tweets, emails and blogs this is the view as the sun climbs up…

IMG_0364 Not too shabby. It’s actually been pretty hard to sit still. So used to moving. Let’s see… I’ve redesigned the blog with a new template and layout. Started posting again. Been catching up on books. Trying to learn new languages. Redesigning and improving the network at home (well, when we were there before we left) and playing some computer games from big fish (it was a year ago since we discovered it right here and i last played). So a whole lot of nothing while trying to adjust back into normal life and taking on projects to keep busy and feeling like we’re moving forward towards some undefined goal. I keep telling myself to enjoy it as it all blows by so fast. Just a few months of this. So yeah, constantly moving became the norm and I’m itching (like @david_pike) to get moving again. If it’s true to the past two years it’ll pass win another few weeks and once we startup again the soul should be even more excited about it. This is like the detox period. 😉

~ by philiplavoie on October 15, 2009.

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