The yearly vacation

The Mrs. and I have headed down to Florida for what has become a yearly tradition of getaway (our anniversary as well), but more recently has become the yearly athletic goal of hers – the Race for the Taste 10k. Last year it was all about survival for her. This year it was anything but. As I was running beside her I couldn’t help but beam with pride. She worked for it since the one last year and her clothes that are becoming too big (that i only feel once a year 😉 are a testament to the amount of training she put in this season. There was no struggling here on this unseasonably hot and humid morning as she, I, and her brother and sister-in-law, all sleepy-eyed had rolled off the bus and into the staging area to get going.

IMG_0310 The course is actually a lot of fun (although it could sure use more music and some more water stops). It starts out at the huge Disney Wide World of Sports complex (but bussed in from Epcot parking), you then head out onto one of the main access roads, loop around a bit and head into Disney Hollywood Studios for a short shot through a bit of that park and then out and over to the boardwalk by the Swan and Dolphin and then enter Epot’s world showcase nearest England (Kate made sure to tell the Rose and Crown Pub that, “we will see YOU later!”). You then wrap over the bridge to France and around the globe counter-clockwise to finish on the side of the golf ball and back into the parking lot where you headed out on the bus that morning.

The race in on a Sunday and we had arrived on Friday afternoon. We spent a few days in the park, did the race, and spent another night in the park and headed out that next morning for Siesta Key. Turns out I missed my bud Rideout who was, as luck would have it, up in NYC for the entire stint of our stay down there! ha! oh yeah, it turns out his new pad down here is just one island over. How freakin’ cool is that?!


So what’s been going down? Some rides (of the theme park type, not the cycling type). Some jogs in the AM (which is really just to burn off some beer and awesome eats). Some sitting on some great white sand beaches while soaking up the sun or watching it go down into the Gulf of Mexico. Some crunches and pushups (see beer and food again 😉 and well… that’s really pretty much it.

It just been some good, relaxing times with the bro and sis-in-law that we rarely hang with, much less get away with. Tonight we’re off to a great BBQ joint called Mr. Bones that is usually part of the yearly trek (we once had the Aerosmith tour bus pull into this tiny roadside join because the had to have it while travelling between arena’s 😉 – sidenote, those guys aren’t very tall. It’s odd not being in motion as much as you have been for so long.

But as IronmanBobby’s last video post (based on J’s interview at the home with him) had brought out – You know you need it, it won’t last, so we’ll take it while we can.

~ by philiplavoie on October 14, 2009.

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