Noon & I’m Still in my PJ’s

So it’s a Sunday… and I’d normally be halfway through my long session, but not today. The entire crew + some good friends are out racing the Mighty Montauk half which used to be my season ender, and on my first year (3yrs ago) it was the ultimate goal of the entire season. But here I sit, taking in the twitter updates and watching the crumby weather burn off and turn into a beautiful fall day as @holisticguru’s reports of the crew taking names coming to me over the tubes. Still in my PJ’s sipping java after a small brunch nibble. The lady and I will head out for a light jog for a bit as she trains up for her 10k. Other than that it’s chores and brushing up on some long untouched goodies like reading, learning, creating. This year I get the benefit of a longer offseason, a legit few months before resetting. what to do, what to do?

Update: jogging with the Mrs…


~ by philiplavoie on October 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Noon & I’m Still in my PJ’s”

  1. you train to qualify for kona, slacker.

  2. Get off your butt and go train.. slacker!

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