Full House

… the gang’s all here.

After IMLP i thought i was hanging up the wetsuit, helmet, & shoes. Not so fast, pal. Toughman here in Westchester (our backyard for training) is to take place tomorrow Sunday Sept. 13th & there was a lot of the local and not so local gang throwing down for it. Kate gave the nod of approval to open the doors of the house to them and in a moment of weakness, on both her and my part, said, “if you want to do it, sign up”, and I did. So here’s the resting order of talent we’re going to have in the crib:

Arriving yesterday, we have:

  • Ironman Bobby – @ironmanbobby (of the famed http://www.ironmanbobby.com video podcast twitter )
  • Katie (his GF and climber on a mission)

Today’s arrivals include:

Now we just need to find the local man who has been hiding waiting to spring on us like Kato:

It actually snuck up on me faster than i thought it would with the shorter work week and being in training for 50% of it and some longer days. This is quite the treat to have some good friends from around the intertubes hanging out.

I think there may even be some puppy hunting going on… so I’m oiling up the guns.

As for my training status, let’s just say that i have never been as tapered as i am for this race (as if you couldn’t tell from the posts).

~ by philiplavoie on September 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “Full House”

  1. What's up, sucka!?!?! Long time, no speak. Good luck in your race tomorrow! You should be strong as a mofo with all that rest after IMLP… besides, training hard is overrated. Btw, I love your friend Christine (Guru)… she is is awesome. If I were single I would steal her from Hirschy! hahaha…

  2. Phil, Now what? Maybe an apple picking team for fall? I'm wayward year-round…Ken, It would hardly be stealing 😉

  3. kenneth? i don't know any kenneth! where were you man? you should have been up here too. next time. 😉

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