So it’s been a few weeks since LP and it’s been nice to catch up on things unrelated to tri while the body repairs. This was a very light week hours wise, but some of the efforts were a little toe in the water to see how we’re doing. I think i’m mended and will just try and turn back on some frequency this week.

Yesterday was a little treat as guru and j swung by for a visit around 11 or so. we headed up to the swimmin’ hole for some hooky and man, our boy is ready for Lou. We also were intermittently checking on the crew up at Timberman, and wow were they having a great day there. Unlike us, we played hooky for the rest of the day and watched a movie and ate poppycorn as the sunshowers rolled over the region. They leave for Lou on wednesday, race on sunday… he’ll be #4 so keep your eye’s on ironmanlive.

~ by philiplavoie on August 24, 2009.

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