IM does some weird things to those around you…

Just take a quick peek at who is now taking up running…

PopsNewShoes Now who’s proud of who? It’s amazing how we all feed off one another’s motivation and abilities.

Now in another note from a guy i can’t hang around without my abs hurting from laughter… JoJo shot this out to us today (now this is the guy who complains about IM, Spain, hell just about everything and then signs back up)

Yo, my good peeps…

Let’s  "swim the channel" from my beach to the Sandy Hook light house. It’s about a 4 mile stretch of water.  I’m thinking end of the month or early September.

It’s usually not too wavy b/c it is protected from the direct ocean by Sandy Hook, but it ain’t your momma’s lake either.   I’ll provide a small team of kyackers, at least 2 and hopefully up to 4 to protect the swim group from any boat traffic.   We all have to swim the same pace, the pace of the slowest person, but this ain’t no race.  I’m gonna guess an easy pace of 20 minutes per 1000 yards will suffice, so the swim will take about 2.5 hours.  We can ride back in a car, unless….  : )

What’s going on here? Something’s in the water.

~ by philiplavoie on August 12, 2009.

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