Still floating… tomorrow we set sail for just a little longer

Just something to get this moving again. Winding down the season.


HUGE THANKS – well… to every single one of you. I’m still wondering if it all really happened.

but some special shouts:

Boo, J, Guru, M&D (both LaV’s & Flats), TheCrew (esp: JoJo, Ksq, Jesse, RideOut, Sean0L@ngf0rd, Liz [aka. Welly, wow!], Justin , the IMLP sherpa’s, and all the tweeps (u guys know who u r < 140chars ;).

you’ve all no idea how much you all meant to me.

Kate threw up a bunch of pics and a vid she was tinkering with here.

Tomorrow I start moving again. The Voodoo continues…


~ by philiplavoie on August 9, 2009.

One Response to “Still floating… tomorrow we set sail for just a little longer”

  1. Good to see you at IMLP. You looked like you were not hurting at all on the run. Good job out there.

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