The last push

So this past week has been a big effort to jump start the last run into IMLP.

This week included:

  • Run: 49.5mi ~ 7.25hrs
  • Bike: 136.5mi ~ 7.50hrs
  • Swim: 14142yrds ~ 4hrs

So it was just about 19hrs on the move.

The big session that both hit and built up some confidence was this past Saturday’s brick of 100/7.5 – it was a great learning experience & the longer swims and the frequency are coming around too.

I was tired and in shutdown by Sunday evening & although nervous about what’s coming up in 34 days (I’ve never gone this far before) it’s appearing to be doable… if I’m smart about it.

It’s so true that you can’t do IM alone.

~ by philiplavoie on June 22, 2009.

One Response to “The last push”

  1. Dude!! Its almost game time! All that hard work.. enjoy the race,, take it all in, own the finish line!

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