Recovery week down…

Spent most of this week recovering. We even headed up to Newport, RI with the fam to get in some quality R & R. did a little training this week, about 5hrs or so and am mentally getting ready for the last pushes into Placid.

For this post I was up to get some water at around 1:15ish and was just farting around online. Caught up on tweets, read up on SKDickey’s first oly (nice going there, chica) and then headed to check on rev3’s site for any updates and found these pics.

I also found a better breakdown of the numbers here and just plugged in my race numb of 201. That was much easier of doing the elapsed time math ;). I also shot them a note (rev3 that is) to say thanks and to please stay around the area. Man that was a well executed show. I hope they stay strong.

Well it’s starting to POUR out, time to shut the windows and try and get some sleep. But before i do… heard a great question this weekend (from an audio book i was grooving to). “what would you do if you weren’t scared?’” – amazing how quickly that query snaps things into focus.


~ by philiplavoie on June 15, 2009.

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