Make a plan… stick to the plan…

That was a line from the movie layercake that my bud Ian says from
time to time. Well, phase 3 of the plan came in from Dr. Evil
yesterday and the doubles don't fail. Today was an AM hill run with PM
intervals on the compu. Not a bad start for the "on" weeks. I felt so
rested and strong that I considered throwing in another interval
length, but heeded the Dr.'s notes and pulled back to head into the
weekend "fresh" and not blow myself out during the week – not to
mention that there are more doubles coming.

~ by philiplavoie on May 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Make a plan… stick to the plan…”

  1. Doubles are a magical thing, but they make days off seem so long and boring.

  2. heh. so true. the first one tho, is usually so riddled with sleep throughout the day from being so shelled and pushing through for the ‘on’ weeks. I certainly don’t mind those. The tuff ones i find are when you have the off, but yer not really decompressing and mending.

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