Another double, dropping the swim for a bit

Yesterday started off with a strength progression ride of sustained effort on the computrainer. It was then off to work, and back home for a quick snack of toast and then off to the pool. Now yesterday, I didn’t think much off it, but I had this tweak in my shoulder that must have been caused from sleeping on it weird. It felt like a pinched nerve in the shoulder that was limiting or aggravated in some directional rotation. Well, yesterday it felt fine. That was until the second part of the training day where I shot over to the pool for a swim. I got to about 600m before i could feel it starting to aggravate and just topped up to 1k before deciding this wasn’t going away or something that could be loosened. So I pulled the plug.

I’ll be just swapping the swims out if I can even feel a twinge of ache until this works itself out. It’s not even able to be massaged as once you hit the spot it feels like a gunshot wound and aggregates further. Looks like it’s going to need to work itself out.

~ by philiplavoie on May 13, 2009.

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