1. i’ve been totally sucking/slacking on the posts.
  2. things have been nuts.
  3. training pretty well tho. HUGE back to back century + sbr training weekend last weekend, same for this one. if curious for the deets, just follow the buckeye tool off to the right.
  4. optimizing training this week (thank god) with an added day on friday due to the market close.
  5. becoming a huge nerd with all of my net connects and digging back into my programming/sysadmin roots – and loving it.
  6. my other phone died, and the new iPhone rocks.
  7. podcasts and audible are golden, pandora keeps me sane.
  8. dork books are spread out with the laptops all over the dining room table.
  9. twittering way more than logging due to the time constraints.
  10. Enjoying the pool but so hard to motivate to actually get there.

that’s it with the thoughts and random junk. sorry, but this e-rag is getting light on the updates when training and work go up.

~ by philiplavoie on April 10, 2009.

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