Another Good Week

2 weeks back-to-back of decent training time and I’m due for some recovery. This week was another 20hr week capped with another century ride. The breakdown goes something like this…

  • 4 hours running (23.6mi)
  • 12.5 hours riding (198.60mi)
  • 3.5 hours swimming (11,100m)

Sunday was the nail in the coffin of the two weeks, as hard as last Sunday was, the day off (that following Monday) and the continuation of the cycle was wearing the body down. What humbled me at the end of it all was…

  • 4k swim
  • Century ride
  • 30min run

It’s unbelievable, but the run felt good and pretty strong too. What was there, however, was fatigue. It was the length of time moving forward even with the breaks for breakfast and lunch and probably compounded by moving forward at a consistent clip for the 2 weeks.

Still, I find it odd how much I look forward to the run… not for running’s sake as I’m actually not that fond of it, but for getting as far away from that bike after so much time on it.

So yesterday was a day off and there wasn’t much in the stems. I had that semi-post-Spain glaze and a light hollowness and weakness to everything. It’s actually been nice catching up on things in between sleeping (or not sleeping as work creeps back into the less exhausted body).

Today I’ve overslept (for technical reasons – c’mon clock!) but it’s fine. I’m passing on the swim this AM for an early meeting and have some shuffle time in the schedule for switching things around.

This plan is genius and what has changed it was the view on training that I acquired at the SLB camp. You saw those all around you pushing on, holding back when it was smart to – recovering, and then pushing on as hard as was sensible or even giving all. Walking away at the end of the session/day/week/whatever doing what you could when you could but with an ever mindful eye on what was next or when the finish line would arrive. It was a treat to be with that kind of intelligent perseverance.

So another good 2 weeks on and now to heal.

~ by philiplavoie on March 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Another Good Week”

  1. That sounds better than decent to me! You are going to rock Ironman!! WOOT!

  2. That sounds better than decent to me! You are going to rock Ironman!! WOOT!

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