More Recovery

… And I’m not complaining.

Here’s the deal. Everybody is sick… i think that’s true right now. It’s EVERYBODY I KNOW. I freaked out when I woke up at 3 this AM with a burning throat and a cookie-monster (SLB ref) style nose run. Not good, not good, not good! I have to meet Javier @ 7am for a swim and then bike with a few people.

I was in and out of sleep. Alarms went off and were snoozed and I almost slept through 7am. Yikes. Bounced out of bed. Grabbed a cup of previously cold brewed coffee. Nuked it. Grabbed the bag. Drove to the pool. Crap! pool opens at 7:30! Wait. Found Jav… ok, settle down. Crap only 30mins to swim now before the aquasize class (grr, thoughts on this withheld for politeness). Not a bad chill swim. Back to the house and holy molly! Nice breakfast spread and more Java with the Mrs. (Bless you!). We held off a little before the Recovery ride hoping the weather would warm up – it Kinda did, but not entirely (33 – 36degs). Ripped the valve clear off the rear wheel while removing the pump nozzle, damnit! Change the tube. Jav and I push off finally (everyone else invited were probably wise to drop out today).

A gift. That’s what this recovery ride was. It was beautifully clear out and even though we had a headwind in every direction it was actually quite nice to be back out in the elements and back on the bike. I was telling tales of the SLB camp, the terrain, TJ and death by Recoverite. This was just what the Dr. ordered (I hope) and I came in off the sandy, salty, road after battling a slow leak on the newly-tubed rear wheel in the last 2 miles. Home to a nice chicken cutlet sammy with a small cup of rice pudding (fave) and sacked out for 2 hours in front of a fire.

I’ll take it.

~ by philiplavoie on February 21, 2009.

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