We ran.. SLB bits

“Capitalize while you can” and “slow and steady” were the mantras I tried to live out while at SLB. The picture is just a symbol of sticking with it and trying to be steady. The first day there I ran with John to try and set my body clock straight, we briefly chatted aout the training goals for the camp which led to the above. This turned into our norm for the time I was at the camp. Everyday without fail, no matter how long the day was or how banged up we were, we ran. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast-ish :), sometimes shorter, but we ran. One of J’s sponsors is Profile Design and he ponied up a cap for whoever (other than him;) put in the most miles of running for the session. I normally don’t get caught up on things like this but as I was packing I asked him if I could snag it. As in the movie Layer Cake, “make a plan… stick to the plan” and this was a little reminder of that.

I’ll just shoot up some more tidbits of SLB as they come. I’m sore and tired and it’ll come at its own pace. Once I get my garmin back from the airline (my bags and I parted ways) I’ll update buckeye with the deets if anyone is interested in the stats.

I’d just like to thank J, Mandy, Sean, Andy and his crew for the invite, hospitality and a great setup.

… And to all of you in the camp many thanks for the dynamics, memories, support and drive that you have contributed to my experience there – it elevated me. (I’m still laughing about Contador)

… And of course Kate, you rock… Thanks for that chance.

-Vaya con huevos 😉

~ by philiplavoie on February 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “We ran.. SLB bits”

  1. must have stats!

  2. Great to have you back! and Details!

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