Rain on the Plain – Recovery Day

Tired. It’s a good thing that it’s an easy day. After 2 days of some good, hard climbs and long hours, it’s time for some recovery. It was a 1 hr run this AM with J and a few hours in the saddle with the gang (mostly hanging out with Sean at a real recovery pace). The drizzle and rain was falling today and all of our cleanup efforts on the bikes was reset with the clay-like mud (with a good grit) that makes up the earth here. Some of the crew went to go swim in town, and I opted out for a nap and got some hand washing of the gear done. I’ll probably line up for a massage later to get the legs reset for another effort tomorrow. One of the coolest things today was that Sean blew a tire and the van was there in moments to swap it out and we just kept on rolling. So sweet to be treated like a pro for a week.


^ I think it’s nap time ^

~ by philiplavoie on February 10, 2009.

One Response to “Rain on the Plain – Recovery Day”

  1. Dude it looks like you are getting your moneys worth of an ass kicking. Awesome.

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