Spain Day 4 – The Ruta de Rute


Well, it was a 30 min run with the coach today. I was cautious after yesterday’s damage and he went for the full hour. Today was supposed to be tuff, and it delivered. 2 good days of back to back deliciousness. The area right above my knees were on fire by day’s end. This was a great long day. We started out in the rain and ended in the sun with everybody exhausted after 5.5hrs of slow climbs and fast descents. The cabin where we eat and congregate every night was filled with content smiles and ravenous appetites… and then came the sleep. In the words of Mr. Langford – It was EPIC. The morning seemed as though it were days ago and no one of any ability was left unworn by this route. ahhhh.

Some pics of the roomies on the ascent…



~ by philiplavoie on February 9, 2009.

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