Spain Day 3

Wholly Molly.

We climbed.

And climbed.

And then climbed out of the climb.

I’ve got to get some of the pictures that Ken took of these switchbacks down the mountainside to throw up here. But I was shelled come day’s end. The top of the climb wasn’t even the end of it. we had another few K or so so climb out of that… and it got cold. The landscape was like the moon. and to top that off we rocketed down some bike-trail like road with water strewn about it just to ‘cool’ us off.

This was the scene on the approach to the climb (yes we climbed to the climb too)


We descended into a cute little town to regroup and then it was time to put the hurt on. I just kept spinning for fear of not being able to start again if I stopped. The sun was out at this point and the wind was up assisting you on some of the switchbacks and smacking you right in the face and stopping you in a track-stand on others. As we started to round to the top the clouds rolled in, the temp dropped significantly and we were sweaty and cold. The rain capes came out to hefty-bag in the heat (which was welcome) and we had a great sandwich made and packed by Tracy.


I grabbed a 30 minute massage tonight and was way too tired to post. Tomorrow is supposed to be even harder & I’ll need to play it smart if I’m going to try and make my goal of a consistent burn. J and I threw in another 1hr run this AM which is a nice routine that we are setting into… not sure how it will go tomorrow 😉

~ by philiplavoie on February 8, 2009.

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