Spain Day 2 – On the bikes

View from the fron door and down the driveway.

Just some cloud coverage and some cool weather rolling in this AM as we hopped out of bed (after a crap nights sleep) and went for a group 10k run. We took the same route with the gang that J and I took last night. My socks and shoes were a little damp from yesterday and I could feel a heat patch growing under my left foot. Afterwards we grabbed a quick breakfast, loaded the bikes and drove just a short way (it’s cool that you can here in the hills) to sunnier skies and a great ride. Mandy was fetching the last of the gang today and the rest of us rode for about 2+hrs or so and then rounded back at the van for lunch. Some of the gang packed up and called it a day J, Sean, Kristoff, and I rode home for about an hour (a steep climb with a steep descent). Kristoff and Sean then headed up to la casa and John and I tacked on another 1.5 hrs or so of some pretty mild pacing. All told, it was probably close or on a 6hr training day. Tomorrow’s ride is supposed to be serious. I’ve got a new rig to cruise on as I lost the ability to work the front deraileur and Sean and I couldn’t be bothered to disassemble the shifter (I lost the head of the cabling from the connection eyelet). What a great place to come and train, and quite the new adventure. Off to bed now.

~ by philiplavoie on February 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “Spain Day 2 – On the bikes”

  1. this does sound liek an epic adventure! will there be any hobbits or trolls?enjoy your training, and dont forget cervesa y vino

  2. Sounds like a Blast!

  3. This actually is really cool… closest i’ve come to this was soccer camps when I was still in school and getting more serious about the sport. I’ll try and get some more pics today. i’m sure there’s a lot of pixels being captured… but i forgot mine at home during the ride yesterday. 😦

  4. So what is the temp like? I noticed in some of Hirsches pics that everyone seems to be wearing long sleeves and cycling jackets. I thought one of the benefits was that its a warm weather location?

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