No Bloggin’… Just Runnin’

So these past few weeks have been nothing but broken promises of getting away from the desk (which also blocks most personal and enjoyable sites) and into some more training for double sessions. Most of the crew at work have been clocking in some serious hours to gain stability and functionality in a number of areas of the software suite. The easiest way to put it, was that if training wasn’t done in the wee hours of the morning prior to going in… it wasn’t going to be done. Here’s where the Garmin and some clicks and numbers into buckeye have helped a tad. Not even the micro-blogging length of twitter had the time for any attention. Well, this weekend had some rewards.

I had a good, long run today. It was on the tread which wasn’t so exciting, but I’ve just been tired of freezing outdoors lately. It was a chill pace and I have recently been hooked on a SciFi TV series that I never thought I’d be into downloaded and playing. Between the show’s season 1 and my slowly growing fitness, it was actually quite enjoyable. It’s actually kinda funny as the tread only counts down from 99mins and I needed 150, so it did actually give me a little break to reset the timer and to fire back up again knowing I was on the home stretch.


  • Duration: 2hrs30min
  • Distance: 14.57mi
  • Avg Pace: 10:17min/mi
  • Avg Speed: 5.83mph
  • Calories: 2037

I actually got a kick that I almost ran further than I biked this week ;)  see buckeye widget —>

~ by philiplavoie on January 25, 2009.

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