No Power = No Heat = No Sleep

An ice storm with severe winds rolled through the area last night. I awoke around 1am to complete darkness (which is odd here). I got worried that the power would stay out for most of the night if not a few days (as this is common here, and the forecast called for more of the same weather). The really cold temperatures that evening also had me concerned about the pipes in the house, so I headed downstairs to start a fire to keep the core temperature of the place up. Well, now I was up. For the day… and with only 3 hrs sleep. This was going to hurt (and did).  The power did come back on though, but the damage was done to my training week.

Well, since I was up I tried to go for a run. I only made it a half hour before my stomach gave in and called it off. I knew there would be nothing but coming home late from work due to the project and going right to bed. That’s exactly what happened. Home by 9 and right to bed.

Funny how Tuesday had me rolling with what the week was handing me pool wise, now this… eh, ya do what ya can with what’s thrown your way and maximize it where ya can right?


  • Duration: 30min
  • Distance: 2.5mi
  • Avg Pace: 12:00min/mi
  • Avg Speed: 5mph
  • Calories: 349

~ by philiplavoie on January 9, 2009.

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