Stuffed up by the Weather

Iced rain! Javier and I were supposed to go running outside at 8am. No go. Way too sketchy out there with a nice dark glaze of ice covering the roadways around our neck of the woods. So we pumped up with a few gallons of coffee and headed our separate ways to get our workouts in. Btw, he also had me sign into buckeye, so I pumped some in for this week only and stuck a widget off on this blog –>

Anyway, had another good base run. Going to run over to the pool later for another swim.


  • Duration: 1hr
  • Distance: 5.5mi
  • Incline: 2%
  • Calories: 730
  • Avg Speed: 5.5mph

Holy cow are back to back swim days tuff… especially if you keep missing swimming for weeks on end! sheesh… anyhow, glad I went as they were closing early and also shutdown for Christmas tomorrow.


  • Duration:  37.30.27
  • Distance:  2100m
  • Best 100:  1.42.48
  • Avg 100: 1.47.15

~ by philiplavoie on December 25, 2008.

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