Another Day Towards Better

It is a little like a freight train… it takes a bit to get moving, but once it does…

So today was another good one. I slept in a little longer (by about 2 hours). Still had some early AM creaks with whatever this touch of something is and we think the Mrs. has a tad of it too. It seems to be manifesting itself differently on us. Shields are up and we’re set to defend.

This morning I had a 75min run on the tread after a good breakfast and followed it up with a recovery shake so that I can repair better/faster for these ‘training camp’ style 2 weeks that I’m going through. Steady and constant is the mantra for this.


  • Duration: 75min
  • Distance 6.9mi
  • Avg Speed: 5.5mph
  • Grade 2%


  • Duration: 36min
  • Distance: 2000m
  • Best 100: 1.38
  • Avg 100: 1.47

Not as long as I wanted, but it was crowded and Jav, you’ll appreciate that I had the talker in this lane.

~ by philiplavoie on December 23, 2008.

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