Short Run – 4hr Bike Ride Brick

We had gone to Lobsta Land for a huge and wonderful late breakfast and I was dressed up in my running gear so that I could finish the travel back to the house with a short run that would lead into my long ride.


  • Distance: 2.50mi
  • Duration: 23:14.87
  • Avg Pace: 9:18
  • Max Speed: 9.1
  • Calories: 341
  • Avg HR: 159
  • Max HR: 172
  • Ascent/Descent: 832/839ft

So as we headed away for the holiday and into the long weekend. I packed up the gear so that I could get the training in. I was planning to leave myself the option of riding outdoors as I knew it would be really cold up there as well as having a good chance of rain this weekend. But alas, I forgot the most important piece of equipment for that option… my helmet. So this entire stint was on the trainer. I actually don’t mind getting my base time in on the trainer as there is no break when using it. You can’t coast. You can’t pick and easier route. No luv. The trainer is determined to give you a steady and predictable session without relenting to your wishes. This one was long and I wished 2 things…

  1. I packed my Gel century shorts for more cushion.
  2. I swapped out this really thin and hard racing saddle for more cushion.

This helps me get the long steady sessions and eases my body back into the time on the machine. I’ll usually swap to the more performance oriented equipment as spring sets in.

Bike (trainer):

  • Distance: 59.96
  • Duration: 4:00:15
  • Avg Pace: 4:00/mi
  • Avg Speed: 15mph
  • Max Speed: 37.7 (did some intervals to keep interest)
  • Calories: 2919
  • Avg HR: 135bpm
  • Max HR: 163bpm
  • Avg Cadence: 61rpm

~ by philiplavoie on November 29, 2008.

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