Early AM swim

Was up really pretty early, the trusty ol brew was grinding already pushing me out the door without reasons to complain. These short swim sessions that J has me on are tuff to argue against, as I mean c’mon… 30mins in the pool? what are you lazy? Well, yeah… I kinda am. But they’re over before you know it and it’s nice to not really be crushing yourself out there for an hour and change on end trying to clock in the distance. It is form, form, form, form and form. Did he say form?

So it was up, and out, and over the the pool. A dash through the freezing parking lot (damn you global warming!- and yes, Ram… I do blame you and your hippie car’d friends for this cold weather). But the pool at that time of day was warm due to the heaters really kicking in to take the chill out of it from the overnight coolness. The older guy in the lane next to me was my company for most of last years base and build phases through the winter… and I named him "the metronome" as he’s so smooth and steady and pretty fast. It was good to see the same "the-pool-just-opened" gang from last year taking their lanes and getting back to work.

It was more of the same slow focus on form. Today I really kept an eye on my catch and pull and in doing so eeked out an extra lap or two at the same effort in the same time (although I’m sure just being back in the water is helping). So this was the lazy goods…


  • Duration: 30min
  • Best 50: 50:36
  • Avg 50: 58:65

~ by philiplavoie on November 26, 2008.

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