1 hour base run

I awoke to the coffee grinder and laid in bed for a bit. After slowly coming to, I arose to an empty bed. Hrrrm… where did she go? The wife almost never wakes up early. She hasn’t been feeling well so I figured she probably was up coughing and headed into the guest room. Nope, not there. How about the other one? nope. Downstairs on the couch? ah… ok. Let’s get you back to bed upstairs. After the search and recovery, it was back down for a few cups of joe and off for a 1hr base run. So just knocked out a negative split base run heading out really slow and returned with just a wee bit more pace from the 30min mark.


  • Duration: 1hr
  • Distance: 5.5mi
  • Calories: 730

~ by philiplavoie on November 26, 2008.

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