Light AM pick-ups

So this AM I headed down to the tread for a run/walk-ish style session. It was an hour long and basically it was a light jog/fast walk for 1:30 and then a run for 30mins. This was a nice way to shake out the legs and get them ready for the 2hr ride that I have later on today. I think with that interval-ish setting that only 4 miles or so were covered, but it was enough to justify the large breakfast that the Mrs. and I whipped up after it ;). Just finished the bite to eat and will sit around listening to Pandora, stoking the fire, and reading for the next hour or so before readying the rigs. Yep the Mrs. may join me, and I have to give her Keo pedals back (you may remember that I had to steal them as mine had a recall before my last race). This should round out an awesomely relaxing weekend that got the two of us set up for the coming week. Turkey trots await. Later…

~ by philiplavoie on November 23, 2008.

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