AM slow paced form swim

Slept pretty well last night which is surprising considering the job. I feel like I’m getting over whatever bug I’ve been combatting. So I got up in a little bit of a fog, brewed the java, slurped a cup, and headed out to NYSC for a dip. The goal today was form, form, and more form. I swam slow (very slow) and just felt the water, trying to keep myself as steady, bouyant and hydrodynamic as possible. I finally felt as tho i was getting used to swimming again. I did the usual 1500 in 30 or so as I have been but on this one I felt more conditioned, more relaxed, and closer to on-form. The difference with this one was that I wasn’t breaking up the 1500, it was a straight through session and was pleased with the slow pace allowing me to keep that on-form feeling the entire swim.

Swim (form focus):
Duration: 31:46:79
Avg 50: 1:03:55
Best 50: 57:41

~ by philiplavoie on November 19, 2008.

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