What a day

I was up at 5, then read some blogs, then started to nod so climbed back into bed. I woke up the 2nd time at 9! whoa cool. Spent the day (til noon or so) in bed clothes with mussed hair tracking lee (leemcomber on twitter) in the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC (one of my many old school towns). Lee was having a great day…

… and as i just watched his little icon on the course map (which is way cool by the way active.com! wtc, start checking this stuff out!)… it just… well i thought it was technical difficulties like imlive.
but no. it stopped. OMG IT STOPPED?! no more splits were coming in either! His last one showed him slowing considerably.
this was the last tweet out to him regarding his stats:
philiplavoie @leemcomber lee @ 30k: 03:14:23/Pace: 10:39 Predicted: 4:39:23 – slacker! pick it up! 😉 c’mon pal. 
and then i got this:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

  • [->] 12:30 PM F?!#$in shredded my knee at mile 16... Made it to 21 before I physically couldn't walk anymore, at the hospital now...  
  • [<-] 12:31 PM noooooooo!!!!! omg r u ok?  
  • [->] 12:38 PM Not sure possible acl  
  • [<-] 12:39 PM ugh. keep us posted dude & apply beer quickly!  
  • [->] 2:16 PM Out of hospital, got this clunky ass brace and a cane... Doctor said probably not ligament, meniscus more likely...  
  • [->] 2:16 PM Gotta follow up with an orthopedist in NYC...  
  • [<-] 2:19 PM oh boy. wth did u do? sheesh man! u were rockin too. 😦  
  • [->] 2:23 PM No idea, happened around mile 16 had real bad knee pain, stopped stretched, kept going for another 5 miles, but couldn't walk... Sucks too, was mentally and physically strong...  
  • [->] 2:24 PM Best long run I ever had going there too...

poor guy man :(. well, as i told him either way he now has to get a bike and ride with me. 😉
So as for today, with the sad news, i did some more weight training.
Back & Bi’s:
  • Dead lifts 3×12
  • Reverse grip bent over rows 3×12
  • Single arm rows 3×10
  • Bent over rows 3×12
  • Lat pull downs 3×12
  • Curls 3×12
  • Hammer Curls 3×12
  • Crunches 3×25
Then i split a bunch’o wood out behind the house as the temp dropped overnight and the Mrs. sure loves a good fire. We’re having my parents over tonight for a little nibble so should add nicely to the atmosphere. I’ll be pretty sore tomorrow. ah! sore.
Lee: Heal well! I wish you all the best. Great job tuffing it out! You made the right choice to stop. Better stop now than to not be able to do it for some time… if ever again. I hope you won’t regret it as there are certainly more to come. Congratulations on getting there. Fantastic work. It’ll come.

~ by philiplavoie on October 26, 2008.

One Response to “What a day”

  1. Boy that really SUCKS! To get injured IN the race. Based on the times and that little cool gadget he wass definitly moving. Ah well he will heal and be back at it I am sure.Good luck with the weights. But dont go crazy with it. You can easily get injured with that. But yeah sitting on your hands does not work too well especially after 10 months of SBR almost every single day!

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