Just some regular ol’ exercise…

I used to be a bigger guy, not huge, but definitely liked the weight training. So when I started tri that all started to reshape and when i signed up with JH he said that we sure wouldn’t be hitting the weights during the season. But the offseason is mine… and I am feeling the itch, but under strict rules from but the coach and the wife – NO SBR! ok ok ok sheesh. Even the mention of a light 1mi jog got me an earful today. So off to the weights i was. Now, i’m not about to undo what the goal is here. Besides, any powerlifting would just get me hurt and hurt quickly so it’s light weights and high reps, maybe even add in an extra set if i’m feeling saucy. I need to do something and i think this will help occupy my restlessness.

Chest & Tri’s:
  • Flat press 3×10
  • Incline press 3×10
  • Incline rotational flys 3×10
  • Overhead tri extensions 3×12
  • Kickbacks 3×12
  • Lying tri extentions (skull crushers) 3×12
and that’s it. nothing big, but moving & no sbr! (sheesh)

~ by philiplavoie on October 25, 2008.

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