Sometimes not training is harder…

After 11 months to the day of 4 – 5am wakeups for swims, bikes & runs coupled with some luchtime and possibly some evening sessions, I was really looking forward to this mandatory break. I mean afterall, i’d get some workdone now right? Recoupe from the beating and kick back eat everything in sight and wash it down with some great beers and rum? Right?

Well sorta… But bodies in motion still wish to be even tho the mind knows better. I’m now taking a crash course in yanking the e-brake on physical activity and no matter how enjoyable an beautiful the setting and time off, it’s still a little tricky to just pull the plug.

I did the disney “race for the taste” 10k with kate the other day and even tho we weren’t medical tent worthy it was a sobering reminder how I had cut pretty deep this year (much more than I had planned to as javier pointed out =). I was tired. It was a soul deep exhaustion from both the intensitiy and probably more so from the duration. But I sit here on the beach wanting more, feeling lethargic and seeing others active, and still needing to keep idle. It’s going to get worse.

I want to try and stay idle but fit, to have more to carry into next year. I think i’ll need it. So 2 more weeks of nothing and then maybe shift into some light activity (no sbr tho)

J and mandy are still in kona and he and I have been playing phone tag to try and get 2009 sorted while we’re idle. That’ll be as much tri activity as I get. But for now, i’ll concern myself with keeping the beer cold and the mrs’s glass of vin topped up.

I just gotta give some huge props to the mrs. On her first 10k. 6.2 is HUGE for her and she did great with a real steady 5k, a recovery downpaced mile, a recharged 1 and a great kick for the finale. You are my hero kid!

And for all of us who are fandy’s… Miss braverman had us screaming at twitter, txt messages, and im live… Allowing us to live kona thru her. Thanks mands and j! U can follow her leading up to and post kona at

Check out the birthday wish on that sculpted calf!

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~ by philiplavoie on October 14, 2008.

One Response to “Sometimes not training is harder…”

  1. I know first hand the strength it takes to sit still. A tip, anytime you feel a driving urge to go ride, drink a beer and give it ten minutes. It’ll pass 😉

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