Camping out…

So… The Mrs and I shot out to stay at Hither Hills State Park in Montauk last eve as you had to book a minimum of a 3 days for the spot AND you had to register in by 9pm on the Friday. Long Island sure didn’t let us down on the traffic front and the wife anxiety level as we watched intently on the GPS’s “time of arrival” clock tick down rediculously close to the cutoff. Silly me, thinking the real race was on Sunday!

Even with the slowpokes driving 15mph throught the Hamptons villages we made it there with about 20min to spare. I was sure to comment on how for the century I was at least 5mph over the car’s pacing =).

The woman who signed us in was a sweetheart and she herself got to enjoy the awesome LI traffic on her way down from New Hampshuh that same day. We found our huge camping spot (F8), pulled in and proceeded to set up the tent and the aerobed matress for the nights bedding.

Now the Mrs is in no way an outdoorsy type of gal, and even though she (on her own) booked this idea (which I thought was awesome) I was a little leary of the outcome once reality settled in.

Well, it was a beautiful, cool, clear night and we could see all the stars through the roof vents on the tent. I think we were out cold by 10:15 or so and with about 9hrs sleep, this is what we arose to right on the ocean. So far so good =)

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~ by philiplavoie on October 4, 2008.

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