Light Spin

Java of course! and then just a 30 minute light spin today with 5 or so 30 second high cadence pickups to run up the HR and to work out the aches.

Duration: 30:00
Distance: 6.04mi
Avg Pace: 4:58/mi
Avg Speed: 12.1mph
Max Speed: 17.4mph
Calories: 248
Avg HR: 104
Max HR: 122
Avg Cadence: 82rpm
HR Zone1: 25:21 – Dist: 5mi
HR Zone2: 04:39 – Dist: 1mi
Speed Time Z2: 00:00:18
Speed Time Z3: 00:18:11
Speed Time Z4: 00:10:20
Speed Time Z5: 00:00:59
Speed Time Z6: 00:00:11
Speed Time Z7: 00:00:01

~ by philiplavoie on October 2, 2008.

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