No goggles, down to the cave to lift

Couldn’t find my swim goggles post nutmegman, so decided to scrap the swim this am in hopes that the mrs might have a clue as to where I put em (she finds everything I lose! It’s amazing). So as she was still asleep I headed down to the cave to hit the weights.

Crunches: 25
Incline bench: 3×10@25
Crunches: 25
Flat bench: 3×10@25
Crunches: 25
Decline bench: 3×12@40
Crunches: 25
Flys: 3×12@40
Tri extensions: 3×10@40
Tri kickbacks: 3×10@30

We’ll see how I feel, but maybe i’ll get to the gym later tonight.

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~ by philiplavoie on September 30, 2008.

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