2 hour easy paced run

Slept late due to the wedding party down in NYC late last eve (Jeff and Steph, u guys rock!). Well, i guess that’s relative as late for me is anything after 9pm. So I wasn’t all that surprised that I slept until 9am and awoke to coffee brewing & the Mrs already logged in and working. We whipped up some rashers that she picked up the other day, and shortly after I readied for the run. Surprisingly my legs weren’t as bad as they felt after the ride yesterday.

Out i crept with 3 gels in my pocket (i only took 2) and was already pretty well hydrated so I left with no water bottle. I figured that if i was in need, i’d circle back around the house. So down to the trail I went and headed north.

Humid and drizzling. yuk. I was soaked by the time that i got home and yeah, i think that due to the dampness one of the nips payed the price. gah, i hate that.
The goal was to just keep it easy, i set the HRM to alert anything outside of 120 and 150.
Duration: 2:10:00
Distance: 12.33mi
Avg Pace: 10:32/mi
Avg Speed: 5.7mph
Max Speed: 7.9mph
Calories: 1667
Avg HR: 138
Max HR: 170 (hills on the way back home)
HR Zone1: 0:08 – Dist: 75ft
HR Zone2: 10:02 – Dist: 1mi
HR Zone3: 1:37:01 – Dist: 9.3mi
HR Zone4: 25.57 – Dist: 2.4mi
HR Zone5: 0.28 – Dist: 188ft
Speed Time Z1: 00:00:08
Speed Time Z2: 00:00:35
Speed Time Z3: 00:05:15
Speed Time Z4: 00:37:34
Speed Time Z5: 01:47:54
Speed Time Z6: 00:40:06
Speed Time Z7: 00:06:14
Yeah… so now the legs are tired again, even tho it wasn’t a brutal session… but we’re into taper. As i twittered out, those were the last long bike and long run of the season. I still have some 1.2mi swims this week but will take them easy. I’ll need to not only spend the week packing up (as we’ll be camping out there and will need to leave at a weird time) but also seriously stretching/massaging to make sure i recover. Tomorrow will be a short light run and maybe some upper or core. I really hope i recover well so that i can perform as well as i want to for the last hurrah. 😉

~ by philiplavoie on September 29, 2008.

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