4 hour ride (low hr)

Was up after another crap nights sleep. Brewed up some of J’s sponsored 53×11 “chain breaker” espresso brew (holy cow does that pack a punch). It was kinda cool going through some of the swag i won from nuts… between that and the low number i had on the rig, i almost felt special ;). The rain was really comming down up here early in the AM so i made up my mind that due to the low hr range, it would be a fairly steady state ride down in the cave on the trainer and covering some tivo’d stages of the tour of Germany. I even tapped into the cannister of HEED in the goodybag to see what that was all about. I’ll tell ya, Mandy sure does have the sponsorship hookup love flowing. I so hope she rocks Kona and her and J have a blast out there.

So I was shaking off the sleep with some of that potent brew which is odd for me to not be getting right onto it… but i just can’t anymore. It’s been a good, long, season and i can see that i’m really wanting to be finished. one more! and it’s going to be a fun one out in Montauk.
The Mrs. popped up from her slumber and i did eventually head downstairs to take it on. I think i was about 1:30 into it when she joined me for her run, which i was really proud of as she was feeling like poo and generally hates running in any form. But she’s got her 10k (which is HUGE for her) coming up and she wanted to stay on track. The ride was pretty uneventful once she left me (for a mani and a pedi) as most steady trainer sessions are. At around the 2:30 mark i was in dire need of some grub and shot upstairs for about a 20 min lunch break and went right back to to clear out the remaining 1:30. The last hour is always so uncomfortable on that racing seat and it doesn’t seem to matter how long you are actually riding… it’s always knowing you are in the last hour when the uncomforatble bits set in.
Holy cow, I could feel that soreness, exhaustion and lactic acid leaking out in my legs from that last race. wow. I was ti-red. It wasn’t my most impressive session and omg am i thankful that i had the HR cap. I’m going to need this taper to be ready.
ok onto the stats. The hr range for the session was between 120 and 140:
Duration: 4:00:00
Distance: 61:60mi
Avg Pace: 3:53/mi
Avg Speed: 15.4mph
Max Speed: 25.1mph
Calories: 3060
Avg HR: 124
Max HR: 156
Avg Cadence: 77rpm
HR Zone1: 1:49 – Dist: .4mi
HR Zone2: 2:13:42 – Dist: 33.9mi
HR Zone3: 1:42:18 – Dist: 26.7mi
HR Zone4: 3:36 – Dist: 1mi
Speed Time Z1: 00:00:02
Speed Time Z2: 00:00:15
Speed Time Z3: 00:07:40
Speed Time Z4: 3:00:48
Speed Time Z5: 00:38:10
Speed Time Z6: 00:12:52
Speed Time Z7: 00:00:11

~ by philiplavoie on September 27, 2008.

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