Well, Mandy’s Nutmeg half is tomorrow and the gang will be all there. Mandy is the director, John is the MC, Javier and Kate will be volunteering somewhere out on the course, the parents will be spectating, and your’s truely has a job to do as well. This was the chat I got from J this am:

please be advised that you are required to race balls deep tomorrow. that is all.”
So there you have it.
The race breifing and packet pickup is today from 2 – 4 in Southbury. This is awesome. I wish more races were right in our back yard with all your buds. The last one i did like this was Evan’s Ridgefield Tri (which is awesome btw) and that was a year ago (and not to mention the one that launched this addiction). Well that’s not completely true… i did do mandy’s sprint this year in CT as well, but that was a bit of a race up there on a Friday after work. But these locals kickass. You have all saturday to get your gear in order and chill or prep or sweat it out or do chores or whatever… AND… you get to race and come home! So sweet. It’s not the pack up, head out, get a hotel, blah blah blah hassel (well ok, sometimes it’s not and it’s nice and fun etc) but I guess i’ve just been doing the travel-to-the-race thing for a bit too long now.
ah, so anyway… I’m enjoying it. we’ll see tomorrow in front of the boss and the pit crew if i’m still loving it then.

~ by philiplavoie on September 20, 2008.

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