AM Swim

Up… Java grind and brew and logged into work around 5am. Set things up for the day with the team in London, believe I started a fight or two for information that was/wasn’t provided to act upon with my boss and then signed off to get to the pool by 6 (I got a call but no vmail while I was in the pool). The pool was way warm today which was nice because it’s certainly getting cool outside. I started out with a 2k (actually a 2.25 as i went to the 40min mark) at a mid-ranged pace handling probably the first half on the really chill side. I closed with a 1k at about the same med effort and followed that with a 250m cool down.

Duration: 1:00:23
Distance: 3,250
Best 50: 48:95
Avg 50: 55:74

~ by philiplavoie on September 12, 2008.

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