Running on no sleep…

If only this were training for an ultra, then I’d understand it. But it’s not, it’s just work and training and life and hopefully something will give soon – meaning work. So the usual get-to-work-early-leave-work-really-late-for-no-good-reason-other-than-mismanagement is throwing a kink into the rest of my world. But as this isn’t a blog about work sucking, so we’ll get on with the the tri-posting…

So today is supposed to be the long run… and it will be… with lots of caffineine. There is no way I’ll be able to stitch a nice long run together in one go, so we’ll break it apart and hopefully get in the cumulative mileage (tho it’s not the same). I’ll see if I can break it into 3 and get a little more distance out of it than if it were one straight thru. Now the pace may be lower as I’m f^&!ing dead tired, but hey… beats the couch and chips I guess.
So I’ll add updated posts here as I muddle thru the efforts.

~ by philiplavoie on September 11, 2008.

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