AM Endurance Swim

Up early and sorted out my usual lack of sleep by getting home late, eating everything in sight and then passing out unceremoniously on my wife. yep, I’m quite the perfect companion lately. So yeah, as you saw before, did the grind and brew to shake out the cobwebs… or at least to make them temporarily go away. So once decently caffeinated up loaded up the gym bits and then was off the to pool as the sun was coming up. It was to be an endurance day and it was, but i did need to shorten things a bit (i usually like to do about 4k if i have the time on these days) but had to be back into the office to keep on keepin’ on… so 2k it was. It felt good… and smooth…. I (for some stupid reason) decided to not hit the lap button on the 50’s like i usually do… cuz yeah, this time I’d remember to count the 100’s off right? no. I still messed them up and added some and removed others and no, I’m not completely sure if I got it right, but hoped they averaged out. Time-wise it felt right.


  • Total Time: 38:52:21
  • Avg 100: 1.46.00
  • Guessed Distance: 2,200m

~ by philiplavoie on September 10, 2008.

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