Thursday 8/2


Good deep sleep last night, bit of a lazy start to the morning. I wasn’t going to go out and train at first and then decided “Ah, why not?” So I threw on some bike clothes and headed out on the Jamis for a short jaunt as it was already getting a bit later on in the morning. What was great is that we have this nasty climb on the return home (if you take a side road) that I’ve not really felt up to doing as I was usually spent coming in to the last mile or two from my previous rides (It’s equivalent to riding up the Ridgefield run for those of you who have been pleasantly surprised there). But after watching the mountain stages of the tour, and big-gearing it with Matt the other day, I felt up to the challenge as this really was a light ride up until this hill. It felt awesome to get out of the saddle and to have the HRM screaming at you to get back below your cap HR. I think it’s going to become a standard return route ;-).

  • Distance: 12.78mi
  • Time: 46:28
  • Avg pace: 3:38
  • Avg speed: 16.5mph
  • Max speed 31.8mph
  • Avg HR: 153bpm
  • Max HR: 185bpm
  • Total Ascent/Descent: 927ft/962ft


  • 45 min swim. I lost count of the laps and gave up on the tally. I stink at counting them (in any size pool) maybe i should get a counter or something. This one was much more of a focus on form the entire time. I didn’t have the stamina for speed and could feel the form breaking down over time. This longer pool is such a great workout you feel great when you are done.

~ by philiplavoie on August 2, 2007.

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