Sunday 7/22 – NYC Tri Relay

5 Ubs New York NY 4 17:57 5:51 10 1:23:01 1:03 7 48:25 5 2:36:15
Ruben Avila Chris Hazelton, Philip Lavoie

Ha! They still thought we were a mixed M/Female team, as the person before me dropped out and I made it an all male team. So they gave us 5th by mistake, we should have been 9th out of 17 in the all male relay. I wasn’t happy with my bike (the 1:23:01 for 40k – averaging 18.2mph). I thought I should have been faster, but my legs were like lead. Maybe it was last weekend, maybe I should have spun more of the wear out of them… we’ll research and see.

Transition was open so early (4:30 – 5:45). But none of us started until almost 7am, so we got to see the pro swims and transitions. Man were they flying.

Mindy was rocking it (79 out of 213!!!) as I saw her quite a bit in transition – check this out:

79 Melinda Yajko 33 New York NY 154 24:56 7:06 76 1:30:35 1:39 77 53:28 79 2:57:41

Matt and Kate were screaming their heads off on the course, it was awesome.

Two beautiful days down in NYC. Good friends, good food, good fun.

~ by philiplavoie on July 22, 2007.

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