Saturday 7/14

I had taken 2 days off to rest for this. Brett from Zen and the Art of Triathlon had held what he dubbed the “IronBaby”. This was a self supported IronMan distance triathlon. I based today off of this. There were 2 reasons I was really wanting to do this:

  1. Because I am new at triathlon, I wanted a benchmark before this years Half that Ian and I are doing – just something to say, “yeah man, you can complete this, the training so far has gotten you there”!
  2. Due to the popularity of the sport there are just so many races that are full, so I said screw it… and did my own.

So onto the adventure:

  • Start Time: Arrived at the parents pool by 6AM, but was in the water by 6:46am (crappy sleep & a later start than I had planned).
    • 1st problem: My wetsuit zipper busted off of one row of teeth due to the neoprene getting caught in it and wedging it off track. crap.
    • 2nd problem: no swimsuit. So I borrowed one of my fathers. I little large and baggy (short board shorts) but it did the trick.
  • Swim
    • Laps: 166
    • Laps x pool length: 6640 ft.
    • Distance in mi: 6640 ft = 1.257mi (I tried to do a little over as it was in a pool)
    • The swim was slow and comfortable for about 75% or it, then I started to pick things up and tried to hold form. I knew I had a long day ahead of me.
    • Total swim time: 51:27min
    • Total swim time + drive + t1: 1:24:29
  • Total T1 transition time: 33:02min
  • Bike (This leg was done through a Cancer walk that took place on the trail, ugh – people stopping and talking with baby carriages everywhere just plan oblivious and in the way – a great way to take a great thing, and use it to piss people off):
    • Start time: 7:13:19AM
    • Total distance: 61.63mi (+5.63mi over a 70.3)
    • Total time: 4:03:02
    • Avg pace: 3:56/mi
    • Avg speed: 15.2mph
    • Max speed: 28.3mph
    • Avg HR: 153bpm
    • Max HR: 179bpm
    • Total Ascent/Descent: 4931ft/4956ft
    • Bike Complete: 11:16AM
  • Total T2 transition time: 22:08min
  • Run:
    • Start time: 11:38:08AM
    • Total distance: 13.14mi
    • Total time: 2:11:37
    • Avg pace: 10.01/mi
    • Avg speed: 6.0mph
    • Max speed: 9.0mph
    • Avg HR: 166bpm
    • Max HR: 187bpm
    • Total Ascent/Descent: 2372ft/2338ft
    • Run Complete: 1:52PM
  • End Time: 1:52PM
    • Total time: 7hrs, 6mins total time from start to finish
    • Total time – transitions: 6hrs, 5min (370.90min)
  • Total Distance: 70.3 + 5.63 = 75.93mi

After thoughts / actions:

  • The best part of it was seeing Kate on the trail (by route 35)!
  • The run got hot.
  • Hills are good!
  • I needed more hydration, but actually didn’t want it on the run… I hate that sloshing feeling, but I weighed in 2lbs under where I should have and that was after chugging a large bottle of water.
  • Kate helped me stretch out, which will aid in my recovery. Thanks babe!
  • She also drew me an ice bath (which I hate, but it works so well). Thanks 2x hon!
  • Got a great call and a coaches assessment of the tri today from Iron Matt, man he rocks.

This was a long, early morning… you can’t do many of them, but I’d definitely do this again. It is a great barometer for a competition length even if you burn more time in transitions, I think it has both the advantages or rest, but of course without everything being ready and right by a leg end does increase the time out on the field.

All in all, it was pretty cool to just do one. Thanks for the idea and all the podcasts Brett!

~ by philiplavoie on July 14, 2007.

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