Saturday 6/30

Oh man! The famous “Iron” Matt Henry came up to his old training grounds to keep me company for a while. It all started with a mistimed text message that ended up waking the Mrs. (I thought he would be on the train heading up to school). Earlier in the week I shot Iron Matt a text asking if he wanted to train this weekend, and man was he was up for it! He called me Friday evening after my swim to just cinch up the details.

I picked him up from Katonah train station at 9am with the Xterra loaded for a day of fun. We headed to the parents abode and made that our base camp. Matt wanted to get those sassy new Keo pedals broken in so we headed out for a variation between some of his and my training rides around the area. Just before 10 we spun out of the driveway and knocked out a really nice ride on a fantastic day.

  • Distance: 28.40mi
  • Time: 1:48:26
  • Avg pace: 3:49/mi
  • Avg speed: 15.7mph
  • Max speed: 36.4mph
  • Avg HR: 162bpm
  • Max HR: 188bpm
  • Ascent/Descent: 2610ft/2617ft

Upon getting back to the ranch we swam for a broken 20 min’s or so. He was showing me some drills and helped me review my form in the water (which really helped – thanks Matt!)

Kate swung by on her way up to Mass., and we grilled some dogs, slurped some java, and got him to the train to head back into the city to hang with the family.

I headed home, unpacked the car and cleaned up. Nap time was upon me for about an hour and then I was back down for an early dinner and got a call from Kate saying she got in to her folks’ house. While I was getting the food sorted, I had some gift card credits from iTunes and put them to work by downloading the movie Prefontaine and watched about half as I was eating and relaxing.

Because it was such an awesome day with the ever motivating “Iron” Matt (btw, I found out that Matt did a half-iron in 5:10!!!! Holy S%!#!!!!) I found myself compelled to go for a run and complete the tri for the day. So out I went a little achy and mellow.

  • Distance: 6.29mi
  • Time: 54:20
  • Avg Pace: 8:38/mi
  • Avg Speed: 6.9mph
  • Max Speed: 9.8mph
  • Avg HR: 165bpm
  • Max HR: 189bpm (I sprinted the hill in front of my house to break the 6m)
  • Ascent/Decent: 1152ft/1180ft

So I came back, cleaned up again, and had a beer and watched the rest of Pre.

Matty, thank you so much man. You are such an inspiration. Let’s do it again!

~ by philiplavoie on July 1, 2007.

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