Tuesday 6/26

What was supposed to be an easy ride at a low HR zone… well, it started that way… but they pushed me. OK, so I headed out onto the trail for the same run that Ian and Gra and I took on Sunday for a stretch of the legs and just to keep putting time in the saddle and to lower my HR as I’ve been riding up into zone 4 a lot. I did fine. Nice and steady output at a high cadence, low effort run up to Carmel. Well, as I was nearing the end of the trail there were some cyclists that were talking on the side of the trail and I noticed them take notice. So I plugged on in my normal way, spun around and then came back just as they were mounting up. So I was talking to one in a side-by-side manner as he was asking about my aero bars (he had the same profile clip-on’s as I have on my road bike, but was wondering about my FSAs on the Roo and the bar-end shifters). So once done as they were a bit off my pace I said goodnight and went back to work. Well, he gave chase as we shot pass the other 2 (of 3) and then those two gave chase. Great, so much for mellow. Well so it went, they caught up to me on a climb once I thought I lost them and could settle back into my goal for the night, and boom it was back on the other way. Anyway, we traded names and pleasantries and they said they ride Tuesdays & Thursdays from Yorktown. I may link up with them, who knows.

  • Distance: 25.56mi
  • Time: 1:36:42
  • Avg Pace: 3:46/mi
  • Avg Speed: 15.9
  • Max Speed: 30.0mph
  • Avg HR: 157bpm
  • Max HR: 183

~ by philiplavoie on June 27, 2007.

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