Saturday 6/9

Bike to run brick. Slept awful last night so didn’t get as early a start as I wanted. I was going to do a tri in the swim – bike – run order, but as I was sipping some coffee this morning and saw the gray clouds rolling in I figured that I should get the bike and run out of the way as the rain wasn’t going to bother my swimming. I ended up getting soaked on the bike anyway and then it only drizzled for sections of the run (which was mostly tree covered).


  • Distance: 20.42mi
  • Time: 1:10:50
  • Avg pace: 3:28/mi
  • Avg speed: 17.3mph
  • (forgot the HRM)


  • Distance: 6.52mi
  • Time: 59:22
  • Avg Pace: 9:06/mi
  • Avg speed: 6.6mph
  • Avg heart rate: 171bpm
  • Max heart rate: 186bpm

The legs were hurting. The IT band / left knee thing was dull and subdued on the bike, but man did it come to the forefront on the run as there was a decent and steady climbing going on and that seems to aggravate it the worst. The bike and run loops were fantastic and the rain felt great, but I’ll be stretching for the remainder of the night just to work some of this out. I’m hoping I can get down in the pool for a bit today to start working on the swim, which I feel is my weakest link.


  • 20 minutes of straight swim time.

~ by philiplavoie on June 9, 2007.

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