Friday 6/8

Back in the saddle. AM spin routine of 45mins.

  • Time: 45″
  • Distance: 9.12
  • Max: 13.4
  • Avg: 12.9

Started to feel that band behind the left knee, but it was dull and annoying at this point. Just going to keep stretching it. Right left felt just fine though. It’s feeling like I’m getting back into the routine even though it’s slow going right now. Was a beautiful morning sunrise and a cool breeze flowing around. The saddle that I had picked up a while back (a Selle San Marco Aspide – Triathlon Gel) is really comfortable, or at least as comfortable as these things can be anyway. It faired really well on both the Montauk Century ride and the Ridgefield and feels great during general training. You still need to get up off it every now and again to just air out and give your undercarriage a bit of a rest, but hey… not bad.

Off to get ready for work!

~ by philiplavoie on June 8, 2007.

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